Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerd Rossa

Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerd Rossa
(Managing Director & Business Development)

Professor Gerd Rossa is a graduate physicist. At the University of Rostock he was active in teachings and research in the computing centre and in the economical informatics for 30 years. Before formation of the iSM Secu-Sys AG in 1998 he worked in the management of a SW enterprise and an IT consulting enterprise. As a managing director of the iSM Secu-Sys AG he has responsibility for the strategic adjustment of the enterprise and technological-functional advancement of the bi-Cube®-product group.

Susanne Dahmen

Dipl.-Ing. Susanne Dahmen
(Board Member & Business Organisation)

After completing her degree successfully at the Technical University of Dresden Susanne Dahmen (1969) was responsible for the comprehensive completion of building projects for nine years. In the iSM Secu-Sys AG she leads the range of finance and administration and since 2002 she has operate as authorised officer.

Holger Görz

Dipl.-Ing. Holger Görz
(General Project Manager)

Holger Görz has locked his engineer study in 1995 and worked after this as IT project manager and quality manager. He has operated in the iSM Secu-Sys AG since 1998 actively; he transferred first the line of the range software development (web and workflow control) and quality management. Since July 2004 Mr. Görz has been the managing director of project operation.

Barbara Müller Philipps Sohn

Barbara Müller Philipps Sohn
(Senior Manager Marketing & Sales)

Before entering the iSM Secu-Sys AG, Mrs. Barbara Müller Philipps Sohn has been shareholder and general director of a medium-sized group of enterprises in the furniture fittings sector. In iSM Secu-Sys AG she is now managing director of the section Marketing & Sales. Due to her long-time experiences also on the international floor, she will assist to advance expansion of iSM Secu-Sys AG onto foreign markets.

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